Insulated Glass

Ocean Glass provides insulated glass which improves insulation against heat transfer and sound transmission. This is especially useful on yachts with large bridge deck windows to save energy and weight on expensive air-conditioning units.

Insulated glass is made by combining 2 or more pieces of glass, usually with 1 pane of laminated glass and 1 of monolithic glass. There is fixed interval kept between the two panes of glass. The gap contains argon gas inside the two pieces of glass, and is sealed by wrapping seal material around the entire glass package. A special strip which includes desiccant, corrugated aluminium and butylene rubber is used to maintain the gap in-between. The strip can ensure that the inside gap will not have fog, dew, or mold.

Benefits of laminated glass

  • Safety: The inner film is strong and able to hold broken fragments. It is not easy to penetrate in the timing of impact. Even if the glass shatters, fragments can be held together and are less likely to disperse. Compared with others, laminated glass has better strength in the proof of shock, burglary, bullets, and bursting.
  • Energy-saving: Its inner film impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces the air conditioning cost of yachts.
  • Sound insulation: The inner film has the effect of sound insulation.
  • Anti-UV: The inner film filters out 99% of ultra-violet rays, prevents the fading of furniture and curtains.
  • Aesthetic: There are many color options of inner films which mean that you can be confident that your glass will have a uniform tint throughout the vessel.

New modern factory

In order to keep up with the increased demand, Ocean Group developed a new modern factory. This new factory is bigger and more functional. It allows us to raise the bar higher and to accept even the most demanding projects from the biggest shipyards around the globe.