LEDing Light

LEDing light came into the market with a very clear vision; to offer our clients the highest quality custom yachting lights on the market at affordable prices. In cooperation with Ocean Group's designers and workshop, LEDing light has innovated some of the most creative yet practical designs on the market in immaculate polished stainless steel.

LEDing Light products and specifications

LL01 Light

LL02 Light

LL04/LL05 Light

LL06 Light

LL07 Light

LL10 Light

LL011 Light

LL12 Light

LL13 Light

LL14 Light

LL15 Light

LL16 Light

New modern factory

In order to keep up with the increased demand, Ocean Group developed a new modern factory. This new factory is bigger and more functional. It allows us to raise the bar higher and to accept even the most demanding projects from the biggest shipyards around the globe.