Exterior Deck LED Stair Light: LL11

Applications Exterior Deck lighting/foot lighting, stair lighting for marine application, pathway lighting, wet areas
Advantages Super long life energy saving, environmentally friendly, low heat insect free LED spectrum.
Fully sealed unit sealed LED board and driver corrosion proof. IP 67.
Housing 316L stainless steel or aluminium
Cover 316L stainless steel
Finishes Powder coated white or off white; gold; brushed; polished stainless
Gasket and O-Ring Marine grade silicone, rubber
Overall cover size 77.5mm
Cut out size 52mm
Depth 20mm
Weight 130 grams
Lumens 140 lm
LED Color Options
Input Voltage 12-30V DC
Power (MAX) 14 pc LED board 1W
Additional Specs Innovative marine LED light