Sunbeam dual mount with two size options 85mm/105mm: LL12

Applications Light any space large or small with this innovative LED powered light. This model is both screw mounted and spring clip mounted in the same fixture configuration. This allows it to be used in wet or dry areas.
Advantages Super long life energy saving, environmentally friendly, low heat, high brightness; high CRI; 100% direct replacement; reliable and green energy; meet ROHS; low power consumption; no UV radiation; CE/EMC approved
Housing Anodized aluminium
Bezel 316L stainless steel with any finish
Flange diameter 85mm Model LL12S; 105mm Model LL12L
Hole cut size/body size 65mm Model LL12S; 85mm Model LL12L
Depth 40mm
LED Color Options
Finishes 316L polished stainless; polished gold; powder coated to any color
Type Spring clip and screw mount
Input Voltage 8-30V DC
Power (MAX) 6W Max for 85mm Model LL12S
8W Max for 105mm Model LL12L
Additional Specs
  • Advanced optical system: even light, 120° full angle, no LED "dots" or pixelation.
  • Smart drivers integrated into the cable with smart driver technology, light output remains at 100% intensity over the entire operating voltage range.
  • 0 to 100% digital dimming.
  • Integrated thermal management: cool to the touch operation. Monitors and regulates fixture operating temperature.
  • Innovative marine LED light