Inset LED Light: LL01

Applications Light any space large or small with this innovative LED power saving marine light
Reference Information Wiring Diagram
Housing Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum
Flange Diameter 80mm
Hole cut size/body size 65mm
Depth 35mm
Type Spring clip version
Finishes 316 polished stainless, polished gold, powder-coated off-white, powder-coated white
LED Color Options
Input Voltage 12-30V DC
Power (MAX) 4W
Additional Specs
  • Advanced Optical System: Even Light, 120° full angle, no LED "dots" or pixilation. Smart Drivers Integrated into fixture. With Smart Driver technology, light output remains at 100% intensity over the entire operating voltage range.
  • 0 to 100% Digital Dimming.
  • Integrated Thermal Management: Cool to the touch operation. Monitors and regulates fixture operating temperature
  • Innovative marine LED light